God is in love with you and desires a relationship with you. Reading the Bible, God's love letter, is a great way to build your relationship with Him. As a church, we are reading through the Bible and journaling what God is speaking to us as we read.

Receive a Life Journal and begin a lifelong habit of reading God's Word each day. Take the challenge and start this week. 

The Core Values below represent five character traits that help us develop healthy, solid lives with each other and the Lord. Come join us as we show God's love in practical ways to one another and our community.


"Showing God's love in practical ways and building solid lives!"

We show God's love in practical ways by involving ourselves in community service projects, reaching out to our community through our 4th of July outreach, Summer Kids Program and our Harvest Festival.

We build solid lives through growing in God's Word.  This happens through attending Sunday services, weekly ministry opportunities, and through Operation Solid Lives, an intense discipleship program.


  • Embrace God's love for your life.
  • Live with God's love to those around you.
  • Learn God's love to be solid.
  • Share God's love in practical ways.


We have five non-negotiable character traits which help us to succeed in all our ministries at New Life. These core ministry standards are part of who we are and are displayed in all that we do.

  • Integrity - Living a life of honesty.
  • Faithfulness - Committing to God, family, friends and acquaintances.
  • Excellence - Doing our best in everything.
  • Respect - Honoring people by treating them with kindness.
  • Courage - Stepping out in faith.