New Life Journal

You may be saying, "I know I need to be reading God's Word, but why do I need to journal as well?" The answer is: to get God's Word in your heart! How do we get to know God? We know Him through His Word, the Bible. 2 Timothy 2:15 encourages us to, "Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." Exercising everyday would be a diligent way to get strong, muscular and BIG physically. Reading God's Word everyday would be a diligent way to get strong, muscular and BIG spiritually. When you add journaling to your reading, you enable God's Word to become living and active in your life. You also begin to "rightly divide the word of truth."

The information below will help you better understand how to begin a life-long habit of both reading the Bible daily and journaling. As you journal you are writing to deepen your understanding of God's ways, to embrace insights into  His Word, and to allow God to cultivate a relationship with you as He speaks to you through His Word. This is an age old truth: there is a direct relationship between our devotion to God's written Word and our capacity to say "Yes!" to His living Word--Jesus! When we grow dull to the Bible, we will grow dull in our relationship with Him.

It is my desire that we, as a congregation, learn to embrace the Word of God on a practical level in our lives daily. As this happens we will walk in more victory, with more power, and accomplish more of God's will than ever before.

Pastor Dennis

How to use the New Life Journal

Step 1

Find today's scheduled Bible reading chapters on your chosen reading program, located in your journal pamphlet. Turn to the chapter(s) in your Bible, asking God (this is prayer) to speak to you through His Word and by His Holy Spirit. You may also click the links below (organized by month and date) to read each day's portion of scripture online or on your mobile device.

Step 2

While reading the passages from your selected daily reading plan, underline key words or verses through which God is speaking to you. You'll know them because He will cause them to catch your attention, and He'll show you how they apply to your life.

Step 3

After reading, turn to the first available page of your journal and record what God is saying to you.

  • Enter today's date.
  • Give your journal entry a title and topic.
  • Scripture: Write down the main scripture.
  • Observation: Write what you see in the scripture.
  • Application: Write how you will be different today because of what you have just read. What will you do to apply this verse in your life?
  • Prayer: Write out you prayer to God in response to what He has shown you in this verse.

Step 4

Step up a table of contents in the front of your journal. Write your entry by date, scripture, topic, title, and page.

Step 5

Conclude your time with praise and worship to God and praying for the needs of others.

Three Bible Reading Plans

Following a reading plan--especially with your church--is important for unity, accountability, discipline, and systematic instruction in God's Word. The New Life Journal has three plans to choose from, but all of them read the same New Testament chapter daily throughout the year.

  1. The Solid Life Reading Plan (average 3-4 chapters per day). You'll read through the whole Bible in a year and a few important New Testament books twice.
  2. The New Testament Plan (1 chapter or 2 small chapters per day). You'll read the whole New Testament in a year and a few of the most important books twice.
  3. The One-Two Plan (average 4 chapters per day). You'll read through the whole Bible once and the New Testament twice a year.

Create Your Own Table of Contents

Set aside 4 to 5 pages at the front of your New Life Journal so that you can record each day's journal entry, date, title, topic, and key scripture references. If you'll do this, it will help you to quickly reference the things God has spoken to you.

Prayers: Requests and Answers

Set aside another 4 to 5 pages after the table of contents to record your prayer requests. Here you can record the names of people and things you're praying about. Enter the date you began praying, what you're praying for, and the date God answered your prayer. God is faithful!

May Reading Guide

Monday, May 1- Deut 28, Gal 3
Tuesday, May 2- Deut 29-30, Gal 4
Wednesday, May 3- Deut 31-32, Gal 5
Thursday, May 4- Deut 33-34, Ps 68, Gal 6
Friday, May 5- Josh 1-3, Ps 94, Eph 1
Saturday, May 6- Josh 4-5, Ps 71, Eph 2
Sunday, May 7- Josh 6-7, Ps 85, Eph 3
Monday May 8- Josh 8-9, Eph 4
Tuesday, May 9- Josh 10-11, Eph 5
Wednesday, May 10- Josh 12-13, Ps 126, Eph 6
Thursday, May 11- Josh 14-15, Phil 1
Friday, May 12- Josh 16-18, Phil 2
Saturday, May 13- Josh 19-20, Ps 53, Phil 3
Sunday, May 14- Josh 21-22, Phil 4
Monday, May 15- Josh 23-24, Ps 99, Col 1
Tuesday, May 16- Judg 1-2, Ps 133, Col 2
Wednesday, May 17- Judg 3-4, Ps 14, Col 3
Thursday, May 18- Judg 5-6, Col 4
Friday, May 19- Judg 7-8, 1Th 1-2
Saturday, May 20- Judg 9-10, 1Th 3-4
Sunday, May 21- Judg 11-13, 1Th 5
Monday, May 22- Judg 14-16, 2Th 1-2
Tuesday, May 23- Judg 17-19, 2Th 3
Wednesday, May 24- Judg 20-21, Matt 1
Thursday, May 25- Ruth 1-4, Matt 2
Friday, May 26- 1Sam 1-3, Matt 3
Saturday, May 27- 1Sam 4-7, Matt 4
Sunday, May 28- 1Sam 8-9, Matt 5
Monday, May 29- 1Sam 10-12, Matt 6
Tuesday, May 30- 1Sam 13-14, Matt 7
Wednesday, May 31- 1Sam 15-16, Matt 8

April Reading Guide

Friday, Apr.1- Num 7, Ps 21, 1Cor 2
Saturday, Apr. 2- Num 8-10, 1Cor 3
Sunday, Apr. 3- Num 11-12, Ps 148, 1Cor 4
Monday, Apr. 4- Num 13-14, Ps 90, 1Cor 5
Tuesday, Apr. 5- Num 15, Ps 44, 1Cor 6
Wednesday, Apr. 6- Num 16, 1Cor 7
Thursday, Apr. 7- Num 17-18, 1Cor 8
Friday, Apr. 8- Num 19-20, Ps 47, 1Cor 9
Saturday, Apr. 9- Num 21, Ps 49, 1Cor 10
Sunday, Apr. 10- Num 22, Ps 84, 1Cor 11
Monday, Apr. 11- Num 23-24, 1Cor 12
Tuesday, Apr. 12- Num 25-26, 1Cor 13
Wednesday, Apr. 13- Num 27-28, 1Cor 14
Thursday, Apr. 14- Num 29, 1Cor 15
Friday, Apr. 15- Num 30-31, 1Cor 16
Saturday, Apr. 16- Num 32, Ps 74, 2 Cor 1
Sunday, Apr. 17- Num 33, Ps 65, 2 Cor 2
Monday, Apr. 18- Num 34-36, 2 Cor 3
Tuesday, Apr. 19- Deut 1-2, 2 Cor 4
Wednesday, Apr. 20- Deut 3-4, 2 Cor 5
Thursday, Apr. 21- Deut 5-6, Ps 64, 2 Cor 6
Friday, Apr. 22- Deut 7-8, Ps 139, 2 Cor 7
Saturday, Apr. 23- Deut 9-10, Ps 143, 2 Cor 8
Sunday, Apr. 24- Deut 11-13, 2 Cor 9
Monday, Apr. 25- Deut 14-15, Ps 88, 2 Cor 10
Tuesday, Apr. 26- Deut 16-17, Ps 2, 2 Cor 11
Wednesday, Apr. 27- Deut 18-20,  2 Cor 12
Thursday, Apr. 28- Deut 21-22, Ps 145, 2 Cor 13
Friday, Apr. 29- Deut 23-24, Ps 91, Gal 1
Saturday, Apr. 30- Deut 25-27, Gal 2